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Gelda walked towards the front door in her dressing-gown and slippers, yawning, and rubbing her eyes.

“Alright… alright… I’m coming,” she muttered.

She fumbled with the lock, and eventually opened the door.

“Ms Gregson? Gelda Gregson?” enquired a voice behind a big bouquet of flowers.

“Yes… that’s me.”

Gelda took the flowers in a daze. A thin spotted youth grinned back at her.

“Floral Express,” he added when he saw her look of bafflement.

“Oh, ok…..thanks,” she muttered, and shut the door quickly.

Gelda noticed a card attached to the bouquet. She fumbled for her glasses in her dressing-gown pocket. She wondered what the card would reveal.

‘To a wonderful lady who made me happy,’ Gelda read.

Gelda was mystified. She put the flowers into a vase, and slipped the card into her handbag. All day she kept looking at the flowers and tried to think who could have possibly sent them. When her husband Arthur came home and she explained about the flowers, he began to speculate too. He teased her about having a secret admirer.

A couple weeks later the flowers had wilted and had been thrown out, and life went on as normal. But one morning the postman rang, and delivered a small package for Gelda. She opened it excitedly. It was a small gold heart pendant and chain with G and P inscribed on it. She put it on and started trying to think of all the people she knew whose name began with the letter P.

This time she didn’t tell Arthur; but one day he found it lying on the bathroom floor. He didn’t say anything either. He too tried to think of all the people he knew with the letter P as their initial.

A few days after that Gelda found a flower-pot, a packet of seeds, and a trowel on the doorstep. Then she got an anonymous text saying ‘I hope I’ve planted a seed.’ This time she felt a bit scared, and told Arthur about it. He decided to set up a security camera, to qualm their nerves and satisfy their curiosity. But no more gifts were left on the doorstep.

A few months passed. Gelda went to the shopping mall, and went grocery shopping. She left the car unlocked as she returned the trolley to the trolley bay. When she returned to the car, she noticed that the boot wasn’t closed properly. As she lifted the boot door to slam it shut, her eye caught sight of a bag with a designer label.  When she peered inside the bag, she saw a very expensive designer hand-bag. She closed the boot with a bang and drove home nippily. As soon as she got home she hid it in the wardrobe. Maybe someone had stolen the bag and threw it into her boot for some reason, or was it her admirer? She could only guess. But she, Gelda had a designer bag in her wardrobe.

Arthur noticed Gelda changing over time. She started dressing up nearly every day, making more frequent visits to the hairdresser and the beauty salon, and she began to lose weight. He was convinced she was having an affair with P. He confronted her about it one evening. She blushed and shifted uneasily from one foot to the other.

“It’s P,” she mumbled. “He keeps sending me new clothes, shoes and bags. “

Gelda took Arthur by the hand and led him upstairs. She flung open the wardrobe doors. It was bursting with new items.

“There is more in the attic, and the shed,” she whispered, bowing her head.

“Is the guy a millionaire?” Arthur exploded

“I don’t know. I’ve never met him.”  Gelda whimpered.

“Do you expect me to believe that?” he roared.

“You can believe what you want,” Gelda said quietly, and gazed at him stonily.

They didn’t speak all the next day.

The following day Gelda closed down the accounts she had opened as Primrose Hill and signed herself into a clinic. She had never told Arthur about her previous episodes, before they got married a couple of years ago with just a couple of witnesses.

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