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Cynthia Watts stretched like a cat in the sun. She felt good in her new bikini, and she had worked hard to feel confident enough to wear it. Cynthia had been looking forward to this holiday in Spain all year. It was great to get away from Samantha, her annoying boss.
It was strange to think that she and Samantha had once been good friends. They had been such good buddies, that Samantha had asked her to come and work for her. Samantha was a free-lance fashion-buyer. Cynthia had been very excited at first to be working in the fashion industry, but as time went on she realised Samantha was just using her as a gopher. More and more Cynthia had been left to go to the meetings, take the phone-calls and deal with the accounts, while Samantha swanned off to champagne receptions, boozy lunches, fashion-shows and red-carpet events.
When Cynthia had remonstrated with Samantha about this, Samantha had more or less suggested that it was better that way because she (Samantha) looked better in the clothes. After seething for a couple of days, Cynthia had joined the gym and had gone on a diet, but had said nothing to Samantha. As she lost the little weight she had needed to lose, and her body started to tone, Cynthia had felt more self-assured and more assertive. Cynthia had begun to realise that her net-working skills were good, that she knew many influential people, and she understood the business accounts better than anyone. Other people had begun to recognize her skills, poise and style too.
Sylvester Stanolli was a designer for one of the big fashion houses in Milan and had been watching Cynthia closely for months. Her people skills were second to none, and yet she was a tough negotiator. The more he had watched her, the more he had noticed how beautiful she was too, and how the designer clothes she wore hung just right on her. Cynthia would be an asset to have. He had spoken to his boss the famous Vittorio Bollisi. Vittorio had been very interested to get Cynthia onto his team. He had asked Sylvester to suss her out.
Cynthia had been intrigued when Sylvester had asked her out to dinner one day after a trade meeting. She had always admired his designs, and loved his cool, calm way of doing business. But most of all, she thought he was gorgeous. He had a broad comforting chest, dark wavy hair, piercing blue eyes and strong masculine hands. They had agreed to meet at 8 pm that night.
Cynthia had taken special care choosing what to wear, how much make-up to put on, and how to wear her long, sandy hair. Eventually she was satisfied. When she had gotten to the restaurant he had been waiting for her with a bouquet of flowers. The night had been like a dream. They had wined, dined, laughed and talked non-stop. At the end of the night in the back of the taxi, he had dared to ask her if she would ever leave working with Samantha. Then Cynthia had revealed how Samantha had treated her, but that she wasn’t quite ready to leave.
Now here she was on the beach one year later. She reached up for the ice-cream that Sylvester was handing her. Yes life was good. She had made sure she had used her contacts to gain business for Sylvester’s boss, and was not at all surprised that Samantha had to let her go due to the business closing down. Now she was free to spend more time with Sylvester and enjoy her new job.

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