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Geoffrey Arundel stretched out his hand to the bedside locker, and picked up his broken wristwatch.  He gazed at it in a stupor. The glass was all smashed in, and the hands were embedded in the dial. He felt a choking feeling in his throat. The watch had belonged to his father. His head was banging, and his tongue felt foul. He dragged himself out of bed to get a drink of water, and swallow some pain killers. Geoffrey attempted to clean his teeth, but his breath was still manky. He fumbled in his jacket pocket and found a packet of peppermints. Sucking hard on them, he dressed, and made his way to work.

As soon as Geoffrey got to the investment bank where he worked, he helped himself to a coffee from the hot drinks machine. He looked around cautiously to see if his boss was in the vicinity. The coast seemed to be clear. Just as he began to relax Vincent Trueman came towards him, with a big grin on his face.

“Whoa boy!” he called out. “You certainly made an impression last night!”

Geoffrey reddened.

“There’s being friendly, and BEING FRIENDLY!” continued Vincent smirking.

“Think you can say goodbye to that promotion.”

The Promotion! Oh God the Promotion! It all came flooding back to Geoffrey now.

There had been a leaving do for Malcolm Milner, who had decided to chuck everything in to travel the world with his new, very young girlfriend. Malcolm had held a very senior position, and rumours had been flying about who would fill the role.

Things hadn’t been going very well for Geoffrey of late; his dog had died recently, his girlfriend had dumped him last week, and only yesterday someone had crashed into his parked Porsche. So it was no wonder that he had thrown back a few drinks last night. When his boss Sammy had approached him, and told him that he was getting the promotion, he had been so happy and surprised, that he had got carried away. Geoffrey had thrown his arms around Sammy to hug her. But the hug had gone too far.

As he had squeezed Sammy tight, the wristband of his watch had caught on her lacy top. She had stepped back from his over-enthusiastic overtures, and there had been a tearing sound. Sammy had stood with her bra exposed and a shocked look on her face. Geoffrey had hastily tugged at his watch; and as he did, it had sailed through the air and out an open window. Apologizing profusely, Geoffrey had exited the scene to find his beloved watch.

He had found it lying in the road, crushed by passing vehicle. Totally overcome with everything, Geoffrey had scooped up his battered watch, and adjourned to the nearest pub. He had drunk himself stupid, and didn’t really remember how he had got home.

“Uh oh, you’re for it now!” Vincent teased as Sammy suddenly appeared.

Sammy stood by the photo-copier with his head down, like a naughty puppy. He waited for the barrage of words, the public shame, and maybe worse. But it didn’t come.

“Could you come into my office please?” she asked gently. 

Geoffrey nodded, and followed her to the office.

“Close the door please.”

“It’s alright I’ll go quietly.”

“I don’t want you to go. I want you to hug me properly this time. I think you and I are going to work well together.”

Vincent couldn’t understand why they were both smiling when they came out of the office.

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